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Master Post: Half A Life...

Half a life
Rating: PG to NC-17
Status: Complete
This Chapter Word Count: 67400+
Pairing/Genre: J2 (Main)/ AU-Alpha-Beta-Omega, H/C, Drama, Romance.

Summary: Jensen is the pack Alpha's son, an Omega. Six years after the accident that changed his life, Jensen meets the man who came close to destroying him. But Jensen isn't the same seventeen-year old boy he was then; now he is bent on revenge.
Jared lost his soul after losing his mate, going down a dark path of sex and alcohol, when he almost made the biggest mistake of his life, and was almost sentenced to life in prison.  Because of it, he changes his life. Now, six years later, Jared is finally on track and is haunted by a memory of green eyes and sweet smell. Will one act of revenge destroy all?

Thanks To: walking_tornado because her Beta work was beyond amazing and you'd be reading a fic in mysterious symbols if it weren't for her, that being said, all mistakes are mine.
Warning: Attempted rape of a minor (Age=17) , medical condition (Acute/ Chronic Renal Failure), Mentioned/Of-screen Mpreg, Violence, Language, allusion to self harm. and Hardcore Angst

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters. just taking their names and faces for couple of days, Some of the opinions in the fic May or May NOT represent my personal thoughts.

Note: About The Universe: The story setting is in Alpha/beta/Omega world with the same rules, Alpha=Knotting, Omega=Self-Lubricant, Mpreg, Beta=normal humans etc... There is however few slight differences. The most important one is the one which states that when an Omega is knotted by an Alpha, he immediately imprints on him, meaning that the Omega is unable to mate with another Alpha until this one is dead.

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Tags: 'verse:half, extra:mpreg, fandom:spn-rpf, genre:angst, genre:drama, genre:h/c, genre:romance, masterpost, rate:nc-17, rate:pg-13, rate:pg-15, rate:r, type:art, type:fic, warning: attempted-rape, warning:self-harm, wordcount: 50.000-100.000

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