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Its Been A Very Long Time, But Finally.... I've Started Writing The Sequel To Half A Life :P

Hello everyone...

First, I'm sorry for my Long absence, I just finished Surgery rotation and now am in ENT, its quite easier so I have a bit more time :P

So..... Guess Who has Finally Started Writing The promised Sequel?? Meeeee....

Now I've Got to finish the Prologue, Get a Beta and then finally the fic will see the Life...

What life brings. (Still working on the title)

Sometimes, well A LOT of times if you wanted Jared’s honest opinion, he thinks he’s ready to put a gun in his mouth and shoot his brains out.

And maybe shoot Jensen and his family in the process.

Because… What the hell?

They are surrounded by kids, from screaming babies to 50 plus year old adults who are acting like young children.

And fine… Such a graphic, violent mass homicide/suicide scene is a bit exaggerating, but Jared can’t help it.  His head feels like its going to explode and babies just keep crying.

He’s just got back from a 36 hour shift in the hospital, and this is the peace he gets; His mother and his father-in-law keep growling and yelling at each other. Why? For the life of him, Jared can’t remember.  And Jerry -his father- is certainly not helping matter with the way his frowned face keep making Megan’s newborn baby scream bloody terror.

Jared even considers putting some sleep pills in their food. But they don’t touch the food Megan spent so much time cooking.

Jared sighs, and pinches the bridge of his nose. In his head, he keeps repeating “Don’t kill them.”

And then…

Then Jared catches Jensen looking at him fondly, and Jared does a throat cut action. Jensen laughs and shrugs “what can you do?” he mouths and his smile is so radiant, Jared can’t help but make one of his own.

And he thinks it’s worth it.

He can handle this.

He’s handled worse.

They’ve handled worse.

So?? Your thoughts are very appreciated.
Tags: 'verse:half, fandom:spn-rpf, genre:angst, genre:drama, genre:h/c, genre:romance, type:teaser

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