dahlia94 (dahlia94) wrote,

Art ~~ The Tragedy Of Derek Hale ~~

This Collection is inspired by The Tragedy Of Derek Hale By honeybearbee written for the 2013 teenwolf_bb challenge

The Dividers:

I went with simple on them coupled with them having a slightly unique shapes...

The Main Piece:

Well. I didnt go simple with this one :P


Finally, I must give my biggest thanks for the mods ( veritas_st and chosenfire28 )for arranging this

and for my author for being an amazing person and amazing writer...

I had so much fun... go read the fic because its amazing :)
Tags: extra:made-for-fic, fandom:tw, genre:drama, genre:romance, mode:jpeg, mode:png, rate:g, type:art, type:challenge

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