dahlia94 (dahlia94) wrote,

please dont share

As im sure you've noticed by now, I have deleted all of my fanfiction.
I want to apologize but I cannot. The reason I did that was personal and it was necessary that I do so and so to say sorry would be a lie.

I'm sorry though for your disappointment.
I know that the Internet is a tricky place and nothing is really deleted and so I ask any of you with a copy of my work to not share it please.

I might add something later but for now it seems that I don't really know what to say except I had fun.

This is goodbye from writing but I'll be lurking around.

One last note is that I won't be deleting the art only because I consider them a joint custody between me and those who wrote the fic and I won't touch the unless I had the other parent approval.


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