August 21st, 2012


Introduction And Master-Post

So Far, I've Only Written fo SPN and SPN/RPS but I'm planning to do some other Fandoms too, stay Toned.

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I do any Photoshop Art, no drawing or fancy things like that :D but I think I'm a decent Photoshop Artist, Also I'm becoming Very good with making gifs, also in art I take requests. you can check my art master post bellow or you can see them as banners for my own fanfics.

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Well I'm actually more like a cheerleader, I suck at punctuation and many grammar errors sounds good to me, but I can help the author through tough scenes, voice and writer's block...

Also, I love making PDF's, seriously I have no idea why, but I do!! if you have a piece you'd like turned into one, contact me...

I've done many to my amazing friend jjia912 and (Take512) for the lovely weekend_exilethe_poette for her master piece (And the Night was filled with Many Things Calling for his Death) and (attachment disorder) by the creative john_n_dean and finally the thriller (I Walk Through a Darkness That Seems Unending) by kritikeragent


I Like to read for so many fandoms, though I'm active in little especially: SPN- SPN/RPS- Merlin, Have some work still not yet posted  for White Collar, and TeenWolf.
I do read for these too: SG-1/A - The Hobbit and LOTR and some other if the story was recommended for me.
For any requests, feedbacks etc. I'm available for PMing, don't be shy..

P.S. If you've friend-ed me and would like me to friend you back comment here on this post...